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Friendship is like a garden
It grows with nourishment and droops when you neglect
It thrives when you feed it
Its roots become stronger in time
Its colors change like our moods
Some plants stay on while others wither away
Take time to learn which ones work best
One thing's for sure... it's your garden and you get to plant the ones that you love
Don't let a flower dampen your world if it doesn't grow
Sometimes it takes years before you find the ones that respond
Remember the hybrids that can be good and bad
Forget the ones that seem to always take too much time to nourish
Be grateful for the flowers that bloom to make you smile on a rainy day 



 Our personal website was originally created as a means for immediate family and friends to keep abreast of events in our lives.  Nevertheless, all visitors are welcome!

We sent out our URL to only a  handful of family and friends, never expecting to see the phenomenal number of hits our site has had, particularly the Fireworks pages (great for stress relief).  The fact that we intentionally chose not to submit all links to search engines has become a moot point.  There has obviously been some mass "forwarding" of this very popular pyrotechnical display.

Many of you have taken the time to mill around for a glimpse into our lives...You have smiled with us... some have shared our tears.  We have received an overwhelming number of messages from all corners of the world... So many with such intense emotion!... Thank you so much for the heartwarming response, the good vibes and encouragement... and for allowing us to "flutter" into your lives and hearts.  We also take this opportunity to extend special thanks to those of you who so graciously invited us to view your websites!

We made great effort in responding to your comments and questions individually, but after the first few hundred, I literally felt myself going cross-eyed !... and so decided to devote this page to all our " flutterbies"!  To those of you who did not receive a direct reply from us... we ask for your understanding.



Now, in answer to some of your questions...

  The Fireworks were created with class files provided by a friend.  Haven't gotten around to creating a Fireworks screensaver with adjustable parameters, but shall consider making it my next project.
  No, I am not a website designer by profession, but admit to being a bona-fide computer junkie.  Currently using Microsoft FrontPage, DHTML coding/Java scripts and applets to create my pages.  As flattered as I am with your generous offers, I am not in a position to design your sites at this time.  Hey, if I can do it, so can you!
  While some of the graphics/animations/scripts are my original creations, many were found while surfing the net.  All of the accompanying midi music were obtained from freebie midi sites.  If you're looking for cool scripts, e.g., clock cursors, I suggest you check out this very resourceful site: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/.
 Our website is not of a commercial nature, nor do we provide a subscription service, as requested by some.  If you have sent us e-mail, rest assured that we will not disclose your address to anyone.  Please reciprocate the same courtesy.
 Posting on forums or linking: We are already getting way too many hits.  Please do not post our links on public forums or or link to any of our pages without prior consent.
  Some pages are experiencing heavy traffic, which is why they may not load on command.  If certain components appear quirky upon access, it could be because too many visitors are trying to load them simultaneously.  Please keep refreshing the pages until they show up correctly.  You also need to enable Java in your browsers.  Our apologies to WebTV users... we don't know how to make the Fireworks light up your screen.

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